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Wholesale Granite countertops

Countertop Options

Some of the selections to be made while considering a stone countertop are both edges and sink options. Below is information and images to help you make those decisions when working with Nashville Quality Granite.

Edge Choices

These are our six standard edge options. The Eased, Roundover, 1/4" Bevel and 1/2" Bevel are included in countertop pricing, all others are premium edge options which are available for an additional charge. 

Roundover edge


Quarter Inch bevel edge
1/4" Bevel

half inch bevel edge
1/2" Bevel

Full Bullnose edge

Round Over edge
Round Over

Half Bullnose Countertop edge
Half Bullnose

Sink Selections

At Nashville Quality Granite, we offer a variety of sink options to compliment your new stone countertops. Pricing varies depending on sink.
We offer premium 18 Gauge Stainless Steel Undermount Sinks and Porcelain Undermount Vanity Sinks - White or Bisque

50/50 stainless countertop sink


60/40 stainless countertop sink

Stainless Bar sink

Single Bowl stainless sink

Single Bowl

40/60 stainless sink

Stainless laundry sink utility

Oval Porcelain Undermount Vanity Sinks
Porcelain Undermount Vanity Sinks - White or Bisque

Rectangle Porcelain Undermount Vanity Sinks
Porcelain Undermount Vanity Sinks - White or Bisque


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